Youth to transform Bangladesh

    The youth of Bangladesh have time and again made history. This photograph shows a procession brought out by the students for making Bangla the state language, in Dhaka on 21 February 1952, now the National Martyrs Day and International Mother Language Day. Photo: Collected

    How can we get Einsteins, Newtons, Peles, Maradonas, Shakespeares and Miltons, in a Bangladesh context? Let’s look at ourselves to explore the talents and transform our beloved motherland.

    It is blessed endless beauty, a country full of surprises where golden fields meet fresh rivers, where birds sing every morning, heralding new possibilities. Bangladesh is the country where boatmen sing bhatiali and farmers join the chorus of bhawaiya, where six seasons adorn nature in varied hues, mesmerising poets and inspiring poetry. Bangladesh itself is a complete poem of the Almighty.

    It has been 47 years since the liberation war and the birth of our country. The sons of the soil had to fight heart and soul, shed their blood to achieve freedom and political emancipation. We are now developing as a democratic country and doing our best to keep up with the modern world. Constant development is visible in every sector. Infrastructure, telecommunications, economy, agriculture, every sector is developing, becoming models for many countries.

    The more we progress, the more drawbacks we face. Problems which were ignored in the past are now looming large. Some problems are beyond comprehension. Some of the most intense problems are a burgeoning population, pollution, deforestation, corruption, traffic jams, superstitions, and above all, poverty. We, the educated society, have analysed and found the roots of the problems but unfortunately we do not to use our brains to eradicate them.

    To attain our basic needs and live in contentment, we need to think out of the box and make changes. Preparation of intellectual, skilled and creative manpower is the foundation of a developed country. Youth are the pioneers for this possible revolution. Necessary steps should be taken to nurture them so that they can create something wonderful.

    If we want to take our country to great heights, we need more optimistic people, who dream big and want to make changes. Education and developing the skills of the younger generation is highly necessary. Competing with oneself to bring out latent powers is a positive approach because if we think beyond our limitations we can achieve anything through hard work and determination. Youngsters are fresh blood. They have positive energy and are capable of doing anything. We need to stand together against all problems and obstacles to uphold peace and harmony.

    Bangladesh not only needs doctors and engineers. It needs scientists, skilled sportsmen and successful entrepreneurs. It needs poets like Kazi Nazrul Islam to stand up against all wrongs, poets of nature like Jibanananda Das to express the peoples’ deep bonds with nature.

    So, if every Bangladeshi can think differently and change their perspectives, the present generation of youth will become the next Einsteins, Newtons, Peles, Maradonas, Shakespeares and Miltons. Bangladesh will truly become a developed country producing the world’s best scientists, businessmen, doctors, sportsmen. Youth power will take Bangladesh to the pinnacle of development.

    And so, perspectives must be changed to find new possibilities.

    * Farshid Rahim is a student of Notre Dame College