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Tarunno news 24: Police on Tuesday assaulted university teachers and foiled a platform of parents and teachers demonstration programme organized to express concern over the detention of quota reform leaders at Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka.

Besides, Students and teachers of Dhaka and Rajshahi universities protested and demanded trial of Bangladesh Chhatra League members for attacking students seeking quota reform.

Meanwhile, after one day of detaining, police admitted that Faruk Hossain, joint convener of quota reform movement platform, has been arrested in connection with a case relating burning of a motor bike, confirmed Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Masudur Rahman.

Quota reform movement leaders. (file photo)
Quota reform movement leaders. (file photo)
Besides, Dhaka court has sent three quota reform activists including Faruk to jail — in a case about the vandalism of the Dhaka University vice-chancellor’s official residence in the early hours of April 9.

At the press club, Police reportedly picked up two persons- Rehenuma Ahmed, a former teacher of Jahangirnagar University, and Baki Billah, a former student leader- and later released them around 40 minutes.

The law also enforcers manhandled Prof Fahmidul Haq, a teacher of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of DU, claimed Zonayed Saki, chief coordinator of Ganasanghati Andolan.

Police in riot gears attacked the protesters gathered in front of National Press Club to form a human chain and almost all the participants were manhandled by them.

Around 4:00pm this afternoon, parents and teachers under the banner of “Udbigno Obhibhabok o Nagorik” gathered on the Press Club premises to hold a demonstration to protest against the detention of student leaders of the ongoing quota reform movement and attacks on them across the country.

Police foiled the gathering saying participants of any protest or demonstration would be detained immediately.

 Rahnuma Ahmed in police van.
Rahnuma Ahmed in police van.
Eyewitness said Rahnuma Ahmed and DU Prof Fahmidul Haq had jumped onto a prison van to plead policemen to release CPB leader Baki Billah, who was detained moments earlier.

Fahmidul was able to get down from the van moments before it went away from the scene, carrying both Baki Billah and Prof Ahmed, according to a Facebook post, published by the Prof Haq later.

Later here, Anu Muhammad, a professor of JU, said government has lost its capacity and as law forcers assaulted teachers and barred a peaceful programme of citizen and teachers.

He also said, Police arrested the injured quota reform movement leaders after they came under attack by BCL men, and then court granted remand to innocent activists whereas criminals go scot free.

He also said, when BCL attacked quota reform activists, then police left the place and the forces return just to arrest them.

This situation will not be tolerated by the concern citizens and all should come forward to ensure a livable country and protect the country from devastation.

At DU, a section of students formed a human-chain under the banner of ‘Students Against Repression’ at the altar of Raju Memorial sculpture demanding trial of BCL men for attacking students.

Abu Raihan Khan, a third year student of DU said, “After two days of BCL assault on quota reformists, university authority yet to take any steps against the attackers.”

“As a human being, we can’t remain silent in this situation. We hope university authority will bring those culprits to book soon after fair investigation”.

Umme Habiba Benojir, president of Bangladesh Chattra Federation of DU unit said, “Quota reform movement was a logical one because protesters are demanding implementation of PM’s promises at parliament soon”

After the human chain, the agitating students went to DU Proctor Professor AKM Golam Rabbany, and sought explanation of his inaction over BCL attack on his students at DU.

But, speaking to reporters at the gates of his office, the proctor said “Nobody has informed him of the attack,” and that he would take action if anyone files a written complaint about the attacks.

Meanwhile, BCL men formed a human chain at Raju Sculpture demanding punishment to ‘culprits those were spreading rumors’ to destroy the congenial educational environment to DU.

At RU, teachers and students demonstrated condemning BCL attack on quota reformists.

They staged a sit-in programme beside the grave of Shaheed Mohammad Shamsuzzoha, who was shot dead by Pakistani military in front of the main gate of RU on February 18, 1969 while trying to protect students, for one hour.

Earlier on Monday night, condemning and protesting against the BCL attacks on general students, associate Prof Farid Uddin Khan of economics department of the university in his facebook declared that he would go to his office barefoot and would stand at Zoha’s grave for an hour from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm keeping silence.

Department sources said, though Farid Uddin Khan came to the department in barefoot in the morning, but he was resisted by the department chair and the university authorities not to go to the graveside.

However, five other teachers went to the Zoha’s grave at 11:00am expressing solidarity with Professor Farid and staged a silence sit-in programme at the shrine for one hour.

Following the teachers, several hundreds of general students also expressed solidarity with the teachers and joined at programme.

The students demanded fair probe into the attack on Parishad’s RU unit joint convener Tariqul Islam Tariq, whose right leg had been totally broken, arrest of the BCL men who attack upon Tariq, and ensuring overall security on campus of students.

They also declared that they would hold same programme on Wednesday at the same venue and same time.

Meanwhile, BCL leaders and activists tried to bring out a procession where the teachers and students were staging sit-in at 12pm. However, the university authority and the law enforcers barred them on the university Paris Road and forced the general students to leave the place at 12:15pm.

RU proctor Lutfor Rahman said that they made both groups leave the place as they feared that there might be a clash.

Besides, A Dhaka court has sent three joint conveners of the Bangladesh General Students’ Rights Protection Council (BGSRPC) to jail — in a case about the vandalism of the Dhaka University vice-chancellor’s official residence in the early hours of April 9.

Detective Branch produced Faruk Hasan, Toriqul Islam and Jasim Uddin before the court on Tuesday

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Subrata Ghosh sent the trio to prison after hearing preliminary depositions from the state and the defendants.

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