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Particularly useful for designers who work with large numbers of fonts in their projects. FontExpert previews and manages installed and uninstalled typefaces and checks the system for font errors. FontExpert automatically detects corrupted and incomplete fonts and manages duplicates. FontExplorer Pro X is an app for OS X 10.9 and above and macOS operating systems for which a licence is required.

It is an industry-standard software because of its compatibility with the Adobe and QuarkXPress design applications. Suitcase Fusion is retailing at $119.95, which might not seem the best value. NexusFont users can quickly install and uninstall fonts from the software‘s context menu, find duplicate fonts and even export fonts as images.

NexusFont is a highly rated freeware font manager that has an appealing and intuitive UI design and efficient font management system. FontBase is relatively new software for 64-bit Windows 10/8/7, Linux and Mac platforms. This font manager enables you to edit and customize your fonts as well as organize them.

  • SFTP, or SSH FTP, is implemented on using public keys provided by the ED25519, RSA, or DSA standards.
  • The system can be used as a pass-through to other cloud storage services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • The service also has online app integrations with productivity and collaboration software, such as Microsoft 365, so documents can be created, stored, and shared directly on the server.
  • The cloud service of acts as a secure buffer between your organization and the rest of the world and also creates a shared file space for collaboration.

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If Windows can’t install fonts, you can check out our easy workarounds, like verifying corrupt TTF files. There are numerous font managers on the web, but the best ones stand out thanks to intuitive and comprehensive features, like searching large font collections or organizing fonts into different categories. Font managers are incredibly useful for installing and organizing fonts on your Windows PC so that you can play with multiple typefaces and font styles, especially if you work in typography.

FontExpert allows drag-and-drop installation of font sets, aids the organisation, activation and deactivation of fonts and includes Missing Fonts Loader plug-in for Adobe’s InDesign and Illustrator apps. Fonts can be assigned keywords, can be rated and can be placed into categories to organise in the way that best suits the user.

Again, aimed at the hobbyist computer user, rather than an amateur or professional graphic or web designer, Flipping Typical is a quick and easy way to browse the fonts already installed on the computer. By its very nature, it lacks features such as activation and deactivation of fonts. That said, it’s a quick and easy way to review and discover system-based fonts.

In addition, AFV also includes a more unique Doctor tab tool that fixes invalid font registry entries, which isn’t something every font manager includes. Advanced Font Viewer has a tabbed UI design with its primary tools organized within tabs. Advanced Font Viewer is another Windows font manager that has had some rave reviews. The developer designed the software to give you a quick way to preview and select the best font variants from your collection. Suitcase Fusion provides many handy font management tools download VLC media player and options.

It’s possible to download a 30-day free trial though it does require prior registration. RightFont is an app for macOS 10.11 and above for which you must purchase a licence, though it does come with a free trial that it’s possible to download without prior registration. Importing and exporting new font files is as easy as drag-and-drop to and from RightFont that also boasts huge performance advantages over Apple’s Font Book and competitor applications.